Views about Us

Mr. Zammurrad khan has done a great work for orphan children and these children are assets of Pakistan

Mrs. Qamar Javed Bajwa

These children had no one to help, but this is big achievement by Mr. Zamuard Khan. You (Zamuard Khan) think of people, that is why ALLAH loves You,

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Handed over a minor girl to Mr. Zammurrad khan and said now she is in a safe hand

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah

Visited Pakistan Sweet Home, I admire the effort of Mr. Zammurrad Khan. Now I'm part of Pakistan sweet Home

Mir Muhammad Noor Meskanzai

It is great to see the young of Pakistan Sweet Homes Kids. I pledge to provide all the support and help I can give

Aisam Ul Haq

You are one of great personality, who has dedicated your life in welfare of humanity.

Hamid Mir

We should continue his mission for betterment of the society

Sohail Ahmed

I haven’t seen an orphanage like this before, A very good and disciplined environment for the children

Saleem Safi

We should all stand with him in this noble task

Asma Shirazi

I find Pakistan Sweet Home a wonderful place for orphan children. I must appreciate the work of Mr. Zamuard Khan for this noble cause

David Hale

l am glad to see Pakistan sweet home and I am life member of Pakistan sweet homes

Hafiz Abdul Kareem

It's a Great effort of Mr. Zammurrad Khan to establish the Pakistan Sweet Home and my prayers are with him

Syed Murad Ali Shah

Mr. Zammurrad Khan doing a fantastic job for saving orphan child from entire country


Mr. Zammurrad khan has done great for orphans’ children and his work will continue till last orphan child of Pakistan

Maryam Aurangzeb

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