Sponser a child

To be close to the Prophet (saw) you don’t have to be one of the Sahabah (Companions), stand in prayer all night or give away all your wealth. You only have to sponsor one orphan to attain this incredibly high status.

Become a sponsor today and help a child with his future. The most powerful and personal way to look after the well being of an orphan is to sponsor the child. Your donation helps the child receive educational, physical, emotional and spiritual care they need.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Host a Facebook Fundraiser to help the most vulnerable and needy. With the evolution of digital media and growing technology, it has now become easier to help orphans with the ease of a simple click.

If you’d like to host a Facebook Fundraiser for the children at Pakistan Sweet Home.

  • Step - 1
    Visit our official “Pakistan Sweet Home” page on Facebook, and click on “fundraisers” in the left sidebar.
  • Step - 2
    On the Fundraiser page, click on “Raise Money”, then type in the amount you’d like to raise to meet immediate needs like food for children. Click “next.”
  • Step - 3
    Title your fundraiser with our name mentioned in it.
  • Step - 4
    Mention why you’re partnering with Pakistan Sweet Home to help provide care the needy children.
  • Step - 5
    Upload Cover photo with our logos placed on it.
  • Step - 6

Provide School Supplies

The best you can do for an orphan is send them to school for education instead of letting the deprived rot in streets doing child labor. At Pakistan Sweet Home, we make sure every child gets both kinds of education, education needed to thrive in a society where they can be the better versions of themselves through education and leadership and religious education that can help them be better human beings and they succeed in this life and the one here after.

Our children dream big and we struggle to help big dreams come true. We understand the value of good education and make sure our children have all that it takes to attend school. However if you’d like to make a difference, one simple way is to provide school supplies for these children.

You can donate anything, a paper, pencil, uniform, school shoes, a backpack etc.

Just Rs.1000/- provides a brand new backpack filled with everything a student needs. Paper, pencils, markers, and more. Donate online, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Attend a Special Event

  • Volunteer Sunday’ 2020
  • World Orphan Day Charity Lunch
  • Defence Day Parade
  • Pakistan Sweet Home annual Fundraiser
  • Iftar with Children in Ramadan

Make a Donation

No matter how small or big your donation is, it will help a child meet the needs. A simple Rs.3000/- donation can help us provide a child food for a month. A Rs.10,000/- donation can help a kid with a backpack full of essentials needed to go to school for a year.

Make a donation now to play your part in helping a child for a brighter future.

Become a Member

Be a part of our Hope Membership Programme and help restore the hope of an orphan for a brighter future by donating every month starting Rs.500/- Once you become our member you can donate as low as Rs.500/- and more every month and the amount donated will help a child with everything he needs to thrive in a safe family like environment at Pakistan Sweet Home.