About Pakistan Sweet Homes

Pakistan Sweet Home is a welfare Non-Profit registered Organization, striving to support the poor Little Angles who have lost their parents particularly in the wake of acts of terrorism, due to the onslaught of floods and other natural disasters/causes.

It was started from a small baby who lost his parents on Swat operation, Mr. Zamurrad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz) adopt him and from hat this organization becomes the biggest organization overall in Pakistan.

The destitute children ranging from 04 to 06 years in age are rallied and brought under the shelter of Sweet Home. Crossing our threshold, they are bewildered, lonely, confused and broken. It is our endeavor to help them gain their deck feet, clam their nerves and bring them back to normal life through counseling, educating and giving personal attention to each child.

The organization has expended overall in the country having centers in different cities. which are supporting thousands of empty-handed children with boarding, lodging, medical and educational facilities. We stand promise to support every child to the level of Graduation, thereby ensuring that each one of them will leave Pakistan Sweet Homes as a self-sustaining useful member of the society.

The year 2017 has been a best time period with an array of activities at Pakistan Sweet Home. Besides the local donors, the international community also unite with us and helped kids by stayed very active in giving their time, gifts and happiness to the flower Sweet Homes. We will support them till the day they become independent, start working for themselves and for the humanity.

Our Mission

To reach every poor orphan across the country and improve the quality of life.  Also, to advance the rights of these children regardless of their tribe, race or religion and make them responsible citizen of Pakistan.

Our Vision

One day every orphan will have access to quality living standards and education.

Our Goal

To help de­prived orphans in any part of Pakistan by providing them a platform and develop a pathway to become a leader by enhancing their full potential through quality education and best living standards.

Our Values

Children are provided an environment in which children from across Pakistan having diverse racial, religious and ethnic background live together in a dynamic learning environment.

The core values include:


Our Objectives

  • To provide shelter and food.
  • To provide quality education.
  • To provide a sustainable learning environment.
  • To provide social protection and save them from terrorism.
  • To provide a step stone to students for their professional life.
  • To enable every orphan to be proficient in solving his/her own problems.
  • To facilitate orphans so they can live prosperous future.
  • To make them responsible citizen of Pakistan.

Patron in Chief Message

My journey started with the orphan found during Swat Operation, Pakistan Sweet Home AFP came into existence. Now, Pakistan Sweet Home AFP has expended overall to the country that has centers in different cities. Where thousands of children are now getting state-of-the-art facilities.

I will support these children till graduation. It’s my promise to myself, you and ALLAH Almighty that I will get the education in world’s top-class educational institutes; where possible. You will see these Children; the assets of Pakistan will make the country’s name bright not only in Pakistan but in the world also.

“My message for the people of Pakistan is to come forward and become a part of my journey which is for the little orphan children of Pakistan. Together.  we can bring a big change in our country.”

It my request, come and join me in this caravan. So that I can reach all the orphan children of Pakistan including Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan; looking towards me for help.
Insha’Allah, these children will make history and the Future of Pakistan will be much brighter. 

I am especially thankful to our Donors and Volunteers for their humble support!

Our Team

Zamurrad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz)


Abdul Wahid Babar


Chaudhary Zulifqar Ali


Malik Afzal Sultan


Wajahat Ali Khan


Hammad Malik

General Manager

Asim Rasheed

Legal Coordinator



TAX Exemption

SECP Certificate

SECP License


Success Stories


Computer Lab

State of the Computer lab has been built to provide the computer education to the children of Pakistan Sweet Home AFP.


Books play an important role in learning and grooming; a modern library has been set up for this purpose.


Study Room

Study Rooms are the primary focus on learning anything with easy and peace of mind. Children come in their free time after their school to study and complete homework.


Barber Shop

As Cleanliness has great importance in Islam, to server the purpose modern barber shop is to cut hair and groom the children.

Outdoor Event Stage

A Multipurpose Outdoor Event Stage has been built for the children. Where they can play outdoor games and other actives.

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