Our Vision

One day every orphan will have access to quality living standards and education.

About Sweet Home

Pakistan Sweet Home is a welfare Non-Profit registered Organization,striving to support the poor Little Angles who have lost their parents particularly in the wake of acts of terrorism, due to the onslaught of floods and other natural disasters/causes.

Our projects

Pakistan Great Home

Pakistan Great Homes seeks to support the elderly Pakistani community; many of who are unwell, poor and alone. Initially based in Islamabad, it will provide medical assistance, shelter, food and personal care to underprivileged older people living in Islamabad. Beyond that, we will offer lodging and assistance to cancer-sufferers who travel from all over Pakistan to receive medical care in Islamabad. This project is run in collaboration with Al Zohra Education Trust UK. 

Rashid Minhas (Nishan-e-Haider) Campus (Islamabad)

This separate campus has been dedicated for Boys of 1st - 5th Class. It has the residential capacity of 100 children. For Education, all the boys have been admitted to nearby on of the renowned Siddeeq Public School

Fatima Jinnah Campus for Girls (Islamabad Center)

This separate campus has been dedicated for Girls. It has the residential capacity of 100 children. For Education, all the girls have been admitted to nearby on of the renowned Siddeeq Public School

Zammurrad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz)

Patron in Chief Pakistan Sweet Home

My journey started with the orphan found during Swat Operation, Pakistan Sweet Home AFP came into existence. Now, Pakistan Sweet Home AFP has expended overall to the country have centers in different cities. Where thousands of children are now getting the state-of-the-art facilities.

I will support these children till graduation. It’s my promise to myself, you and ALLAH Almighty that I will get them education in world’s top-class educational institutes; where possible. You will see these Children; the assets of Pakistan will make the country’s name bright not only in Pakistan but in the world also.

“My message for the people of Pakistan is to come forward and become a part of my journey which is for the little orphan children of Pakistan. Together.  we can bring a big change in our country.”

It my request, come and join me in this caravan. So that I can reach to all the orphan children of Pakistan including Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan; looking towards me for help.
Insha’Allah, these children will make history and Future of Pakistan will be much brighter.

I especially thankful to our Donors and Volunteers for their humble support !

Views about Us

It is great to see the young of Pakistan Sweet Homes Kids. I pledge to provide all the support and help I can give

Aisam Ul Haq

Handed over a minor girl to Mr. Zammurrad khan and said now she is in a safe hand

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah

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